Marina Chacala

Association and Amenities

Marina Chacala is a private ocean-front development situated on a volcanic peninsula that splits the beaches of Chacala and Chacalilla, two of the most idyllic beaches along the Riviera Nayarit.

The design of Marina Chacala is low density, low impact, in harmony with the coastal and jungle surroundings. Most construction within the development consists of single-family homes, villas, and cottages nestled in the natural features of the terrain.

The development is managed by the Asociacion de Condominios de Bahia de Chacalilla A.C., and represents all current owners and developers, ensuring the integrity of the community is maintained.

The manager assigned by the association both lives and works on the premises, and is available to respond to any events or concerns of the owners.

Marina Chacala is an exclusive gated community, and has 24/7 security present at the entry, and periodic patrols throughout the development.

The development has two water sources, and a large cistern located at the most elevated point. The first source is a common well shared with the town of Chacala, and the second is a private well located within the development.



Beachside Oasis

Marina Chacala’s clubhouse is conveniently located directly adjacent to Chacalilla beach. Includes:

  • Beach parking
  • Washrooms
  • 3 pools
  • Outdoor showers
  • Restaurant (weekends only)
  • Common areas
  • Sunbathing areas
  • Equipment storage
  • Managers office

Private Beach Access

Tranquil Paradise

Residents of Marina Chacala have the exclusive land access to Chacalilla beach and its surrounding green spaces.

Come relax in one of the most tranquil paradises on the Pacific, free from crowds, pollution, and noise.

Boat Moorings

Instant Access to the Sea

Marina Chacala has several boat moorings exclusively for its residents.

Launch and moor you boat or jet ski in the secure and isolated Bahia de Chacalilla under the watchful eye of 24/7 security.

Never miss an opportunity to get on the water.

Tennis Club

Secluded Recreation

Spend a mornings competing against family and friends among the hidden greenery of Marina Chacala’s tennis club. Includes:

  • Two full sized tennis courts
  • A pickle-ball court
  • Washrooms
  • Common area

Walking Paths

Reconnect with Nature

The development has more than 2.5 miles of paths and trails, perfect for walking, jogging, or cycling.