Villa Paraíso is perfectly situated to take advantage of the many picturesque beaches along the Riviera Nayarit, and sits directly between its two most pristine and idyllic beaches of Chacala and Chacalilla.

To the north there is the long and undeveloped Playa de Tortuga, and Playa de Platanitos.

To the south you have the popular beaches located in Guayabitos, Los Ayala, Lo de Marcos, San Fransisco, Sayulita, and Punta de Mita.


The Nayarit area of Mexico’s Pacific West Coast is blessed with many high quality break point surf locations and reef breaks that provide amazing variety and a premier experience for beginners and pro surfers alike.

Quality breaks like La Caleta can be accessed in minutes by boat from Chacala.

Check out additional breaks along the Riviera here:


The shelf along the Riviera Nayarit offers an abundance of local fishing opportunities, with deep-sea fishing available out of Puerto Vallarta.

Directly off the coast of Chacala you can find red Snapper, mahi mahi, guayu, barracuda, mackerel, and more.

Local fishing boats can be chartered out Chacala, and Guayabitos.

Ocean Wildlife Tours

Riviera Nayarit is one of the best areas in the world for whale watching,  as the relatively shallow oceanic shelf acts a nursery for humpback whale mothers.

Also, many of Nayarit’s undeveloped beaches are home to sea turtle nests, making their presence a constant in the area.

Other animals include dolphins, orca whales, giant manta rays, flying manta rays, flying fish, and more.


Experience the rugged beauty of Nayarit by enjoying one of the many great hiking trails within an hour of Chacala.

Along the trails you might encounter hidden oases and ancient petroglyphs like those found near the small town of Alta Vista, or stunning waterfalls like those near San Blas.

Hot Springs

A byproduct of Nayarit’s volcanic geology are the numerous hot spring which dot the land. They provide a nice respite from the cooler weather during the winter and spring months.

The hot spring at Jamurrca are located just west of Las Varas, and 30 minutes away from Chacala.

Enjoy the springs and have access to your own private cabana to barbecue and relax with friends and family.

Bird Watching

Indulgence your inner ornithologist with the spectacular array of birds in Nayarit.

While tours are available in San Pancho and San Blas, the average resident of Marina Chacala need not have to stray much further than their poolside bar to experience much of what the Riviera Nayarit has to offer.